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Arts and Culture

Museum of Science and Technique of the School of Mines


This Museum is located at the former Governor's Palace, in Praça Tiradentes, at Ouro Preto historical center. It gathers technical collections of the School of Mines, which is one of the oldest engineering education institutions in Brazil. The collections are related to the national scientific development and are organized in the sectors of Mineralogy, Natural History, Mining, Metallurgy, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Topography and Drawing.


Museum of Pharmacy


The Museum of Pharmacy houses collections related to the teaching and professional practices of the School of Pharmacy. It was created in 1839 and has a collection of interesting educational materials from Europe, such as furniture, medicines, equipment, books, journals, and theses dating back to the nineteenth century. The museum is located at the building of the former Minas Gerais Congress.

Rare Works Library


The Rare Works Library is the second library specialized in engineering in Brazil and it is the oldest still operating in Ouro Preto. It houses the initial collection of the former Ouro Preto School of Mines Library and has a collection of around 22,000 volumes of technical-scientific publications, including rare books and journals, encyclopedias, guides, manuals, and legislation. The Library also houses two special collections: Carlos Walter Collection and School of Mines’ Alumni Collection, both are private collections of renown professionals who graduated from the Institution.


Culture Plan


In 2015, UFOP got funding through the More Culture in the Universities Program from the Ministry of Culture, which aims to stimulate culture planning, and creation for the Higher Education / Federal Institutions. UFOP Culture Plan is divided into four segments: Arts and Language, Audiovisual Production, Historical Heritage, and Immaterial Heritage. The actions of the arts and culture area have been executed since 2017 and intended to strengthen the internal articulation of projects and the dialogue between UFOP and the communities it works with.

The Winter Festival of Ouro Preto, Mariana, and João Monlevade


The Winter Festival and Arts’ Forum is a renowned artistic and cultural event that involves the production, formation, and public occupation of cultural goods. The Festival aims at promoting, stimulating, debating, and reflecting about arts and culture for society’s transformation. The actions are taken in Ouro Preto, Mariana, and João Monlevade during July every year with presentations, expositions, interventions, exhibitions, workshops, and round tables on the streets, squares, historical buildings, and other spaces in these three cities.

Ouro Preto Letters’ Forum


The Ouro Preto Letters’ Forum promotes interaction and dialogue between authors and readers, contributing to the identity and diversity of literature in the Portuguese-speaking countries: former colonies in Africa, Brazil, and Portugal. The event promotes the exchange among Latin American countries and other Latin origin countries seeking to stimulate the reading of their authors by means of promoting and sharing works.


Cine Vila Rica: Ouro Preto Movie Theater


Located at Ouro Preto historical center, Cine Vila Rica has contributed to an important relationship between UFOP and the local community. There are many exhibitions offered for free, projects carried out with schools, and also activities related to arts and cultural events concerning audiovisual production. The daily movie exhibition is free and aims to offer the local population, academic community, and tourists access to movies and audiovisual productions in general.