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How to be a Researcher at UFOP


Currently, UFOP has over 120 research groups, averaging 5 teachers each, and they are organized to investigate themes in 5 broad knowledge fields (Life Sciences, Exact and Earth Sciences, Humanities, Social and Applied Sciences and Engineering in general). These researchers support 34 graduate programs, which offer 16 doctorate programs, 24 academic master programs and 8 professional master programs.

To be part of UFOP’s researcher groups, those who have interest may apply to the graduate selective process or, if they are already a graduate student or researcher of another institution, it’s possible to work as a temporary researcher in the modality of Post-Doctoral Researcher or Visiting Professor.

The Post-Doctoral Researcher selection to work at UFOP with grants paid by the government (R$4.100 per month) is made directly by the Graduate Programs through calls published on the websites of each program. In the same way, Graduate Programs’ pages have information about the procedures for selection of Visiting Professors, who desire to work at UFOP as researchers with contracts varying from 3 to 24 months.

Teachers and researchers who seek to pass through a sabatic period at UFOP without a financial aid may contact directly, and at any time, the Graduation Programs Coordination of interest in order to have it's work plan evaluated and the institutional interest letter issued.