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Selection Processes – Graduate Programs

To enter UFOP’s master and doctorate programs, the applicant must be informed about the rules of the selection process made available in a public call of applications and published in the pages of each graduate program. To make it easier for foreigners, some programs make the test application available in other countries and allow for the interview stage and/or the research project's defense to be realized by video or web conference.

Candidates from the Americas still have the possibility to participate in UFOP’s master and doctor programs by submitting themselves to the selection process of the program PAEC-OEA-GCUB.

Candidates from Africa have the possibility of coming to UFOP through the ProAfri Program.

In both cases, UFOP guarantees a scholarship (R$1500 per month for Master Program and R$2200 per month for Doctorate Program) for approved candidates.