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The Library and Information System (Sistema de Bibliotecas e Informação - SISBIN) is an UFOP’s entity part of UFOP responsible for the management of the collection and of the physical space of 12 sector libraries.

By providing its structure, collection, and services, SISBIN promotes the organization, dissemination, and the access to information, contributing to the development of teaching, research, and extension activities of the university community.
SISBIN has unities in the three campi:
  • the School of Pharmacy’s Library (BIBEFAR, 1889);
  • the Department of Geology and Mining’s Library (BIBDEGEO, 1972);
  • the School of Nutrition’s Library (BIBENUT, 1979);
  • the Institute of Philosophy, Art and Culture’s Library (BIBIFAC, 1979);
  • the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences’ Library (BIBICHS, 1981);
  • the Institute of Exact and Biological Sciences’ Library (BIBICEB, 1982);
  • the School of Mines Rare Works’ Library (BIBORAR, 2000);
  • the Institute of Exact and Applied Sciences’ Library (BIBICEA, 2002);
  • the Department of Music’s Library (BIBDEMUS, 2006);
  • the Medical Program's Library (BIBMED, 2007);
  • the Institute of Applied Social Sciences’ Library (BIBICSA, 2009).