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João Monlevade


The city of João Monlevade

The city carries the Portuguese version of the name it honors, Jean-Antoine Félix Dissandes de Monlevade. The French mining specialist arrived in Brazil in 1817, founding in 1825 the first steel mill in the country, the main development factor of the city where one of the UFOP campuses is present. The house built to host Monlevade, the Forja Catalã (now Solar Farm) is one of the attractions of the place, which also has the Headquarters of St. Joseph the Worker, built in the 1940s.

Located in the southeast of Brazil, in the state of Minas Gerais, the city is about 110km from Ouro Preto and 115km from Belo Horizonte. It has about 80 thousand inhabitants. João Monlevade borders the cities of Bela Vista de Minas, Itabira and São Gonçalo do Rio Abaixo. Located at 719 meters of altitude, the city belongs to the metropolitan mesoregion of the state capital and the micro-region of Itabira.

The climate is hot and temperate. There is much more rainfall in summer than in winter.

Academic unit in João Monlevade

The Institute of Exact and Applied Sciences (ICEA): was founded in 2002. Currently the campus is a space for new opportunities in education, research and technology in the fields of Systems Engineering and Information Systems. It offers the following programs: Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Information Systems.