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Welcome Project

Welcome Project is responsible for providing an improved reception to those (students, teachers, or technicians) coming from other countries and arriving at UFOP, offering them differentiated accompaniments to foreigners. The project was created in 2014, based on other reception programs present in foreign universities, in order to further contribute to the internationalization of the university and ensure a good experience for all.

The project’s main activities are related to assisting the visitor with housing assistance, migration issues, choice of courses to be studied, knowledge about the University and the region in which it operates, and other demands that may arise. The contact between the Welcome Project and the foreign students is made from the moment of the mobility confirmation and lasts through their stay at UFOP and in the cities of Ouro Preto, Mariana, or João Monlevade.

The Welcome Project also organizes a cultural calendar with monthly events, in order to support contact between University, city, and foreigners. Activities, such as sightseeing tours and nature walks, for example, take place not only in cities where UFOP is present, but also in other parts of the region. In addition to these, the Welcome Project team also points out other cultural activities, so that foreigners can get to know and live more experiences in the cities.

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