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Research and Graduate Programs in UFOP


Currently, UFOP has 34 Graduate Programs, which offer 16 PhD degrees, 26 academic master’s degrees and 7 professional master’s degrees. The Programs are organized into different fields of knowledge as follows:

Life Sciences
Program Degree
Biological Sciences Master's and PhD
Biotecnology Master's and PhD
Ecology of Tropical Biomes Master's
Family Care Professional Master's
Health and Nutrition Master's and PhD
Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology PhD
Pharmaceutical Sciences Master's and PhD

Exact and Earth Sciences
Program Degree
Computer Science Master's and PhD
Chemistry Master's
Crustal Evolution and Natural Resources Master's and PhD
Mathematics Master's and Professional Master's
Multicenter in Chemistry PhD
Sciences (Physics of Materials) Master's
Science Teaching Professional Master's

Program Degree
Dramatic Arts Master's
Education Master's and PhD
History Master's and PhD
Language Studies Master's
Philosophy Master's and PhD

Applied Social Sciences
Program Degree
Applied Economics Master's
Communication Master's
Law Master's
Tourism and Heritage Master's

Program Degree
Civil Engineering Master's and PhD
Environmental Engineering Master's and PhD
Geotechnical Engineering Professional Master's
Geotechnics Master's and PhD
Industrial Engineering Master's
Instrumentation, Control and Automation in Mining Processes Professional Master's
Material Engineering Master's and PhD
Mechanical Engineering Master's
Metallic Construction Professional Master's
Mineral Engineering Master's and PhD
Socioeconomic and Environmental Sustainability Professional Master's

Please, refer to the website of each Graduate Program to learn more about the research projects carried out, the selection processes for entering the Master’s and PhD degree programs, and the opportunities to work as a researcher, postdoctoral fellow or visiting professor in each of them.