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Selective Processes – Undergraduate Programs



The undergraduate students’ admission to the Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto takes place through the Brazilian Unified Selection System (Sistema de Seleção Unificada - SISU). This platform uses the National High School Exam (Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio - ENEM) score to classify and select the candidates for the 47 undergraduate programs.
Learn more at the website of ENEM.

The distance learning programs are not offered on the SISU platform, but utilize ENEM scores as a unique admission stage.
On-Campus and Distance Learning Programs

UFOP's Main Entrance

Aiming to reinforce its mission as a state, democratic, and inclusive institution, UFOP reaffirms its commitment to the diversification of the modality of its programs, whether at the undergraduate, graduate, or extension level. Thus, it is essential to permanently encourage the offer of distance learning programs, serving communities traditionally excluded from higher education due to the great geographical distances in Brazil, especially in the state of Minas Gerais.
The diversification of distance learning and on-campus programs may also contribute to another important function in University life: to work as a booster of the Information and Communication Technology’s (ICT) use as innovator pedagogic tools in the University. Therefore, it must work for the permanent integration of UFOP Open and Distance Education Center (CEAD) actions in the University, optimizing its actions, technological resources, learning tools and human resources.
Quota Policy

Quota Policy at UFOP

At UFOP, half of the vacancies offered are reserved for students from public schools: being self-declared afro-descendent, mixed-race and indigenous, low-income and disabled, according to Law 12.711/2012. The notice of each selection edition brings information about the categories by program.

Verification – the verification of candidate’s eligibility for vacancy reservation to the undergraduate programs is made through confirmation during registration, based on the options made for the Unified Selection System (Sistema de Seleção Unificada/SISU) and the National High School Exam (Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio/ENEM).

People with disabilities – vacancy reservation for students with disabilities has become effective since 2017. In total, 150 vacancies have been made available for candidates with disabilities among all the UFOP programs.

UFOP is a pioneer institution in the application of the vacancy reservation required by Law 12.711/2012. Even before that, UFOP had already implemented an Affirmative Reserve Policy of 30% of the undergraduate program vacancies for students from public schools. Over time, this number increased and in 2016 UFOP started to offer 50% of its undergraduate program vacancies to quota policies.


Undergraduate Agreement Student Program (PEC-G)

PEC-G Logo


The Exchange Program for Undergraduate Students (Programa de Estudantes-Convênio de Graduação - PEC-G)  constitutes an activity of cooperation, priorly, with developing countries, which seeks the formation of human resources, allowing citizens of countries with which Brazil keeps educational or cultural agreements to realize university studies in Brazil, at the undergraduate level, in Brazilian higher education institutions.

PEC-G’s students are received by the team of the Pedagogic Support Core (Núcleo de Apoio Pedagógico - NAP) and of the International Relations Office (DRI). They are oriented about UFOP’s academic structure, underlining the institutional programs of support, and each student has a tutor professor who will guide him/her during their academic career.

The presence of PEC-G students in UFOP contributes to the culture and knowledge exchange in between students, enriching the living among them. Since the 1970’s, over 100 PEC-G students have graduated from UFOP.

The program configures itself as a cooperation space between countries and, in a way, it creates an opening to our institution’s internationalization. PEC-G has contributed to form leaderships and professionals who are involved with the definition of public politics of the participant countries. The educational cooperation actions with Africa, for example, may become Brazil’s presence mark in that continent.


Re-entry, Transfer, Obtaining a new degree and Changing of Program

UFOP's Main Entrance

Changing of Program
Internal move to another undergraduate program from UFOP.

Aimed at students who have been disconnected from UFOP undergraduate programs.

Aimed at students from other higher education institutions (state or private).

Obtaining a New Degree – Undergraduate Degree Holder (Portador  de Diploma de Graduação - PDG)
Aimed at those who have already graduated and intend to begin a second or new undergraduate program.

Another admission method:
Ex officio transfer: regulated by Law No. 9,536 of December 11, 1997.

For more information: Dean of Undergraduate Studies Office (PROGRAD)