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Foreign universities’ representatives get together at the UFOP Central Administrative Office to discuss partnerships

The 5th Music, Culture and Education National Seminar took place from March 21st to 23rd, of 2023, and had as its theme the main challenges and prospects in post-pandemic musical, cultural, educational, scientific and technological knowledge production. Conferences, discussion forums, workshops, book launches, artistic and scientific presentations were in the schedule.

Foreign faculty members from different countries attended the event: Rafal Lawendowski (University of Gdańsk - Poland), Oswaldo Lorenzo Quiles (Universidad de Granada - Spain), Eugenia Costa-Giomi (Ohio State University - United States), and Fabio Mazzitelli (Universidad Nacional de las Artes - Argentina).

Already in Ouro Preto, they seized the opportunity and participated in a meeting at UFOP Central Administrative Office. Besides them, professor Herminio Arias Nalini Junior (UFOP vice-president), João Fortunato Soares de Quadro Junior (Music Department professor and coordinator of the event) and Anderson Antonio Gamarano (Director of International relations) were in the meeting.

The main purpose of this reunion was to present UFOP to the visitors and discuss possible partnerships, to develop academic cooperation projects and international research in the future. UFOP, via the International Relations Office, will proceed accordingly to establish the academic cooperation agreements with these four universities in a near future.