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UFOP ranks 31st among Brazilian federal universities and 7th in the state of Minas Gerais by IGC index

Besides presenting the Program Preliminary Concept (CPC) for the undergraduate programs that participated in the 2022 National Students’ Performance Examination (Enade), the Ministry of Education (MEC) released this week the General Course Index (IGC), which is calculated based on the average score for the undergraduate, master's and doctoral programs.

UFOP got IGC 4, out of 5. With this grade, the University is placed among 450 other Brazilian Higher Education Institutions – out of a total of 2012 – that also obtained a grade 4. In the federal network, which had 111 institutions ranked, 72 obtained the IGC 4, which represents 64.9% of the total. In this group, UFOP ranked 31st. Among the federal institutions from Minas Gerais, it was ranked 7th.

The Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Tânia Rossi Garbin, highlights that these "indicators point to quality standards and demonstrate that the entire UFOP community, including managers, faculty and technical administrative members, third-part employees and students are all responsible for the institutional performance."