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Welcome/DRI Project Team starts activities of the 2023 Cultural Calendar

2023 Welcome Project’s Cultural Calendar activities of the International Relations Office (DRI) have already begun. In March, the project assistants’ team conducted a tour for international students who arrived in Brazil this year. The purpose of the tours was to facilitate their adaptation process and introduce them to the cities of Mariana and Ouro Preto.

20 international students participated in the activities, coming from the following countries: Colombia, Mozambique, Croatia, United States, Italy, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Mexico.

The tour began in the city of Mariana. The students visited the Carmo Church, where they got to know more about the Rococo art style represented in that place. Next, the students walked through Rua Direita, exploring local commerce, and observing the city's architectural style. Soon afterward, they had the opportunity to visit the Square and the Sé Church, composed of Baroque elements, which allowed them to see the differences between both styles.

After the activities in Mariana, the group continued to Ouro Preto, where they visited the Independence Museum, and learned more about the history of the region. To conclude the tour, the students visited the Pilar Church, known as one of Ouro Preto’s most famous churches.