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Former student from the Journalism program releases documentary on experiences of disabled people

The production is part of a former student's Final Research Project, a disabled person (Pessoa com Deficiência - PCD), who addresses in her work the processes of social inclusion and affectionateness that involve PCDs and their families.

With the supervision of professors Adriano Medeiros and Luiz Felipe Pereira, the documentary was directed and scripted by Ms. Soares and had the collaboration of Juan Vieira, in assembly and soundtrack, and the technician Anderson Medeiros, in image capture.

Cíntia declares that the role of a disabled person in this production, with a relevant social and political role, demonstrates the importance of inclusion. "One should separate the PCD from the idea of a social problem. Disabled people are citizens like anyone else and are there to live all social and political experiences," she says. She believes that a disabled person needs to be included in the social environments in order to transform them.

Authorities such as the mayor of Ouro Preto, Ângelo Oswaldo, the deputy mayor, Regina Braga, mayor’s office secretary, Yuri Borges, and the Minas Gerais state parliament member Leleco Pimentel participated in the event. People from the community, classmates and Cintia's family, were also present.

The documentary is available on YouTube.