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UFOP student is in the Forbes under 30 list

The Master's Degree student from the Material Engineering Graduate Program (Rede Temática em Engenharia de Materiais - Redemat), Bárbara Gosziniak Paiva, was included in the Forbes' Under 30 list, that highlights young people up to 30 years old who succeeded in their areas of expertise. Six people were selected in each of the 15 categories of the list.
Bárbara became known after developing the project of a bottle for sterilizing water by radiation, filtering and cooling the liquid for human consumption in regions with inappropriate basic sanitation. The bottle removes particles and eliminates the pathogenic organisms, which cause diarrhea.

 As Bárbara says, "to be part of the Forbes Under 30 is a dream. From an early age, I've always admired the people who were in the list. Although I could not imagine that I would actually achieve this dream, being part of the list among the selected people is a huge recognition, considering the candidates’ qualifications, besides being very rewarding".
The Laboratory of Polymers and Electronic Properties of Materials (Lappem) as well as Prof. Rodrigo Bianchi's supervision, from the Department of Physics (DEFIS), were two important factors for the student's work of creating the bottle. Prof. Bianchi emphasizes the project's importance for UFOP: "The Lappem is a laboratory focused on radiation and it works with sterilization processes. When Bárbara joined our team, she suggested the development of something that would be closer to her personal desire and to a project in the area of materials; it was then that the idea in the area of environmental sustainability came about, dealing with water treatment. I believe the project provided a positive reputation for UFOP because it is being mentioned in Brazil and in the world", he says.

COMMERCIAL PRODUCTION - The student intends, later this year, to produce the bottle on a large-scale, due to the relevance of the awards she won: "After the announcement of all the awards, the community showed a lot of interest in the bottle and in getting a better-quality water. So, I intend to start the production to take it to these 35 million Brazilians who don't have access to appropriate healthy drinking water". According to her, the bottle would solve the conventional treatment problem that uses chlorine as main agent water disinfection, besides being a low-cost and efficient technology.
Bárbara was also awarded by the Red Bull Basement and recently, by the Razões para Acreditar (Reasons to Believe) portal, as well as the honorable mentions she had already received.
REDEMAT - The Material Engineering Graduate Program is multi-institutional, including different units and departments in UFOP. With a multidisciplinary origin, it is structured in three concentration areas: 1) manufacturing processes, 2) materials' analysis and selection, and 3) surface engineering.