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UFOP students participate in Project Rondon’s Portal do Sertão Operation

UFOP, in partnership with the University Center of Espírito Santo (Centro Universitário do Espírito Santo - Unesc), participates this year in, Projeto Rondon’s Portal do Sertão Operation in the municipality of Pedrão, Bahia, fulfilling the public notice launched in 2019.

The Projeto Rondon, coordinated by the Brazilian Ministry of Defense, was created in 1967 and aims to promote transformative training actions and encourage citizenship through volunteering. With the active participation of academic community members, it promotes sustainable local development in poorly assisted municipalities in Brazil.

The action has three segments:
- A: Health, Human Rights and Justice, Education and Culture;
- B: Communication, Work, Environment, Technology and Production;
- C: Journalistic Coverage and Content Production.

In this operation, UFOP is committed to carry out workshops for Set B and has as its participants some students from the Tutorial Education Program (PETs) in the Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Nutrition and Pedagogy programs.